As an integral element of ongoing research into interpretations of arguably the greatest song cycle ever written, this site d’hommage to Schubert’s Winterreise presents and will maintain a comprehensive and accurate overview of commercially and privately released recordings with timings and other relevant data, films, books, online videos, articles, translations, artworks and links to scholastic sources and related websites.

In addition, an up-to-date listing of upcoming performances of Winterreise around the globe is available: please feel free to comment and/or contribute with tips and dates!

Singers are truly wonderful beings: ever generous, supportive and helpful. I have been overwhelmed by the readiness with which expertise and personal experience has been shared. It has been both gratifying and humbling to experience so many of you taking time out of hectic schedules to contribute material, invaluable advice, encouragement and constructive criticism towards the realisation of this website. Pianists and other instrumentalists, artists, translators and scholars have been equally unstinting in their generosity, and beautiful friendships have grown out of contacts over the years.

With a plea for indulgence to those I may inadvertently have overlooked, grateful and heartfelt thanks goes to Joyce DiDonato, Ulrich Schütte, Nathalie Stutzmann, David Armitage, Andreas Schmidt, Julian Prégardien, Brigitte Fassbaender, Francisco Araiza, Rudolf Jansen, Marcos Fink, Sarah Walker, Zeger Vandersteene, Serhan Yedig, Gotthard Bonell, Karol Kozłowski, Mario Hacquard, Thomas Beavitt, Karsten Lehl, Hildegard Haltrich-Hazard … the list could go on and on …

Contributions and suggestions are always welcome, essential even. I need your help to make and keep this website the go-to resource for all things Winterreise: be critical, be thorough, but above all ― be forthcoming! Do let me know what you feel about the website in general, what it could benefit from, anything else you would like to find on such a resource, if you encounter any errors or omissions; in short: get and stay in touch!