If you can, record all the things you like and/or are worth sharing!” One of the mottos that has applied to my artistic career. The “oh and ah moments” in the French or other landscape. The surprise at times to see things that others miss. In everyday things. The wrinkles of age from a pedestrian crossing or letter soup in foam. Over time, the watercolour paper, the variety of drawing pencils, the paint tubes, acrylic paint of silkscreen printing and framing with and without passe-partout, have made way for the even more comprehensive mediums: “the computer” and “the camera”. Sometimes an existing image (photo or drawing/scan) is the starting point, sometimes simply an empty screen. Dutch artist Arie van Garderen, born in Utrecht on 25 December 1946, has lived in Alphen aan den Rijn, South Holland for most of his life.
Artist’s website: www.digital-paintings.com