Russian photographer, artist and book designer Dmitry Sirotkin was born in 1969 and lives and works in St. Petersburg. Dmitry’s creative output includes several personal and group exhibitions, and his works are held in the Moscow House of Photography, the Bavarian State Library in Munich and the Saxon State and University Library in Dresden. His “Winterreise” is a journey to St. Petersburg, accompanied by Schubert’s music and gently falling snow. In his work, Dmitry addresses the eternal theme of the philosophical contemplation of human existence. The studies presented in the exhibition are the artist’s view of a world numbed by “existential cold”, a world in which life is devalued and reduced to the “bare foundation” while the human being is condemned to loneliness and emptiness. Wandering aimlessly in a shifting haze of embankments and squares, either hastening who knows where or frozen in contemplation, the denizens of the foggy, snowbound city have all become lost in space and time. Artist’s website: