Jeroen Janssen was born in 1963. He studied graphic arts at Sint-Lucas in Ghent. He made his first graphic novel in Rwanda, while teaching at the Nyundo School of Art & Music. His graphic novel, “Muzungu, Sluipend gif”, which he drew just before and after the Rwandan genocide of 1994, was a prize-winner at the Comic Book Festival in Haarlem in 1998. Jeroen publishes short stories and albums for magazines such as Zone 5300 (Netherlands), Humo and XXI (France). More recently, Jeroen has focused on graphic reports. In 2013, “Doel” appeared, a graphic novel about Flemish village Doel, which is in danger of disappearing due to expansion of the Port of Antwerp. Currently he is working on a graphic report entitled “Mijn kameraad Che Guevara”, about the old Rwandan who participated in the Congolese Civil War alongside Guevara. Posthumus is a biographical fantasy about the last days of Franz Schubert, set in a scenario by Pieter van Oudheusden (1958-2013). Artist’s website: