Jörn Kaspuhl discovered his interest in culture and art growing up in Stade, Niedersachsen in the early 80s. Inspired by the nature surrounding him while wandering through apple and pear groves along the German countryside, he began to draw his own comic-style stories. In 2002, Jörn enrolled on the Illustration course at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. By the time he graduated in 2008, he had already gained extensive experience as a freelance illustrator, working for several local and international magazine and book publications, as well as music and fashion labels. Jörn usually works with pencil, ink and watercolor applied to paper, using the computer as a tool to combine. He currently lives in Berlin, where he is further exploring and expanding his creative path. These illustrations were made for the project Winterreise Staged. Artist’s website: www.kaspuhl.com