Graham Johnson - The Complete Song Texts

This book presents in full over seven hundred texts set - whether as solo song, part song or ensemble - by the undisputed master of the German lied.

Conceived to accompany Hyperion Records' forty-disc collection Franz Schubert: The Complete Songs, this invaluable resource provides English translations by Richard Wigmore alongside chronologies of Schubert's life and an introduction to the recordings by Graham Johnson.

Comprehensive indexes - by title, alternative title, poet and translator, within the context of the unique chronological presentation of the songs - provide reader, listener and scholar alike with a window into Schubert's compositional journey from the earliest songs of 1810 through to the final masterpieces of 1828.

The recordings include three additional discs of songs by Schubert's friends and contemporaries - eighty-one settings by forty composers who lived and worked during Schubert's lifetime. Many of these songs share their texts with Schubert's own lieder. Some of them were used by Schubert as models for his own more famous settings, while others respond to his mastery; all are cross-referenced.

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