Liszt - Complete Winterreise Transcriptions

Of the many piano transcriptions Franz Liszt made of the works of other composers, those he made of the songs of Franz Schubert are among his most inspired. This volume contains the legendary pianist's twelve transcriptions from Schubert's great song cycle Winterreise, along with the four songs of Geistliche Lieder and the beloved single songs "La Rose," "Lob der Tränen" and "Die Forelle."

These rare transcriptions offer a unique blending of Classical inspiration with Romantic virtuosity. Here, Liszt retained the intense lyricism and emotional impact of Schubert's songs as he transformed them into dazzling compositions for solo piano. For generations, pianists and their audiences savored the rich rewards of Liszt's memorable achievement, even as the long-awaited publication of this Dover volume, nineteen rare gems of the keyboard literature are once more available, reproduced from extremely rare early editions.

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