Illustrations, installations and figurative paintings: Dutch artist Marjolein Tönis can turn her hand to anything. After teacher-training college, she completed a graphic programme at Artibus and a degree in drawing. Marjolein combined her job as a teacher with raising four children and with her creative work. She believes it is very important to make young people aware of what art is by challenging them. What Marjolein especially wants to do is tell stories. She has published two books in-house: ‘On Bling-Bling, Greed and Motherly Love’ (2010) and ‘The Cookie Monster’ (2012). She has also made video reports, amongst which ‘The Fly, the Light and the Girl with the Pearl‘. ‘Winterreise’ is a book representing the song cycle’s texts: despair, loss and unfulfilled desire and contemplations on the winter of life.