Belgian photographer Paul Bulteel’s work explores the often complex relationship between man and his often urban environment. Bulteel absorbs the urban atmosphere, capturing moments when man and scenery combine to create a telling story. This relationship between man and his environment can be either harmonious or oppressive and estranging. The “winterreise” series is a photographic travel of the mood through landscapes, interiors, scenery. Photography inviting stillness, reflection and meditation. As the listener listens to the songs, the viewer is invited to fill in his or her own emotions. The “winterreise” series received an award at the “Prix National Photographie Ouverte” organised by the Museum of Photography, Charleroi in Belgium. Bulteel has exhibited in Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, the US, China, Australia and New Zealand. He published a number of monographs as well as the photo book “cycle & recycle” with Hatje Cantz. Paul Bulteel died on 2 October 2020. Artist’s website: