Born in Germany in 1932, Ruth Viktoria Ward is a mixed media artist and photographer. Much of her diverse art work reflects multicultural experiences of living, working and teaching for many years in Europe, Egypt, Pakistan and Morocco, and of spending her summers on an old farm in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. There she makes outdoor installations with found objects related to her environment, fragments from nature and restoration/construction material. Ruth received an MA in German Literature from George Washington University in 1964 before embarking on a career in the visual arts, studying at the Corcoran School of Art, the Stuttgart Academy of Fine Arts and the Pratt Graphics Center, New York. In 2005 she created 24 digital collages as backdrop projections – overlaying excerpts from poems with images and photographs – for a production of Winterreise, directed by Joe Banno, with singer Charles Williams, pianist Carla Huebner and performance artist Laura Schandelmeier at Washington’s National Museum of Women in the Arts. Artist’s website: