“My animation of Die Krähe. Unlucky in love, a man wanders in a winter landscape, followed by a hungry crow. Faithful to the grave. But this one has an ending more ‘The Sopranos’ than Schubert. Most of this movie was drawn on individual frames in charcoal on gray paper and watercolor crayons on mylar, 8½ x 11 inches, which I scanned into my computer. The final culvert scene was painted and drawn in pastel pencils and acrylic on a 30 x 40 inch canvas, on which I then painted Culvert. Each frame was drawn, shot with a digital camera, and erased. Many, many thanks to Matt Tatuś, tenor and Bob Boury, piano, who performed and recorded the Schubert song for me at UALR. Ian and Leif, look out!” Artist’s website: www.warrencriswell.com